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Cara Cek Pulsa Modem Huawei

Cara cek pulsa di MDMA **http://i.imagehost.org/0322/cek_pulsa_mdma.jpg

**MDMA atau Mobile Data Monitoring Application adalah software dashboard kecil buat konek internet untuk modem huawei ,software ini jalan di E620, E220, E272 dan support semua windows Version History:

* (2010/02/25): If returned USSD data coding scheme is 0, do strict check and treat as 15 if invalid (MTN SA) - thanks Bernd Prüter
* (2010/02/21): Close and re-open COM port if device not responding
Detect Vodafone "hacked" drivers (.inf file modified to display Vodafone Mobile Broadband Secondary Port) - thanks nuyork
Detect Nokia Internet Stick CS-15 device - thanks Jari-Matti Ruhala
Allow USSD commands to start with a '#' (Orange Cameroon) - thanks Philippe Boupda
Increase maximum USSD length to cater for CR/LF expansion (for Vodacom's long pre-paid *111# menu)
Add command line option to unlock network-locked Huawei devices
Add command line option to control Huawei emulated CD-ROM and Micro-SD card
Support PDU encoding for USSD (for Huawei E160) - thanks Bernd Prüter
Huawei K4505: ignore some unsolicited notifications and display new HSPA+ RAT
Add command line to set automatic network selection and registration
Support ZTE K3520-Z device (and hopefully others) - thanks Gwen
* (2009/07/04): Change USSD sending to be compatible with Nokia devices
Correctly display GSM for Huawei devices if no 3G or GPRS available - thanks Naas Fourie
Detect HP HS2300 device as Sierra Wireless - thanks Lars Lindholm Christiansen
Add command line switch to enable and disable Huawei virtual CD-ROM devices
* (2009/04/11): Close all handles to events, threads and processes - thanks Majestic21
Some devices not correctly sending Cell ID updates, so poll all devices
Add command line switch to disable Cell ID polling (/nopollcid)
Command line switches are now parsed before switching to a running instance of MDMA
Fix problem in parsing USSD data coding scheme
Display GSM for Huawei devices if no 3G or GPRS available
Ignore "ERROR" after "AT^HS=0,0", Huawei B970 takes one minute to become ready - thanks morkhans
Re-initialize Huawei devices if device reboot detected
Ignore consecutive commas when sending USSD - thanks Darius2
Additionally log lower 16-bits of Cell ID in decimal format - thanks Steve
* (2008/10/19): Fix for Windows Vista 32 / 64
* (2008/10/16): Detect Sierra Wireless devices
Ignore SIMs that cannot receive cellular broadcast messages - thanks Majestic21
Display LAC and Cell ID
Some USSD fixes and handle malformed USSD responses
Detect Nokia devices (in-band only)
Update logging function to include LAC and Cell ID
* (2008/08/20): Fix assigned profile values for Huawei E180
If on Vodacom-SA, display CBM message identifier 60 as cell info instead of 50
Add support for Novatel MC950D
Fix sending incorrect bytes after AT+CPIN? since v1.0.0.4
Update description for Vodacom's Myphone menu (*111#)
Add support for Nokia N95 (in-band only)
Prevent hanging while waiting for receiving thread to exit (two more places)
When resetting averages, only clear peak average
Session logging (experimental)
Add option to display assigned profiles in raw hex format (debug)
Add support for Option iCON 225
Revert new message indicator values to what they were in v1.0.0.22
Display "N/A" for Huawei E170/E172 assigned profile downlink - thanks fismail
* (2008/05/30): Detect Dell Wireless devices (Novatel)
Display HSUPA and HSD+UPA for Huawei devices - thanks v3g
Fix PIN sending problem with non-Huawei devices - thanks MidnightWizard
* (2008/05/13): Improve communication with Novatel devices
Send AT$NWPDN=0 on exit (Novatel)
Added ICCID to Device Info dialog
Replace 0x11 characters with 0x20 in CBM (Wavecom)
Disable connection type combo and button for standard devices
Prevent hanging while waiting for receiving thread to exit (Wavecom)
USSD responses: convert 0x0A to 0x0D, 0x0A (Wavecom)
Handle incorrect USSD result code 2 instead of 0 (Wavecom)
* (2008/04/28): Improve compatibility with VMC Lite 3.2.x
Added Windows XP manifest file - thanks to Hugo
Display manufacturer name in Device Info
Basic support for Novatel devices
Basic support for generic devices (standard AT command set)
Name changed to Mobile Data Monitoring Application or MDMA for short
Command line options, could be useful for generic devices and running under emulators
Signal strength and operator info are polled every 2 seconds for Novatel and generic devices
Connect is now the default button - suggested by jano
Usage data is now stored in MDMA\usage.bin under 'Common AppData' folder
(In most English versions of Windows this will be 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MDMA', in Vista it is 'C:\AppData\MDMA')
Updated readme.txt and USSD Help
* (2008/02/19): Display long alpha-numeric operator name (if available)
Increase maximum allowed speeds for 7.2Mbps down and 2.0Mbps up
Added support for Huawei E272
Display 'assigned profile' uplink & downlink speeds
New generic Option card detection routine (detects ThetaLogix Sharkpod)
Resize USSD & CBM regions in GUI - suggested by jano
Display MCC & MNC
If on MTN-SA, display CBM message identifier 250 as cell info instead of 50
New QualComm Diagnostics Monitor Mode detection routine
Order restored to Tabs - suggested by jano
* (2008/02/06): Enable reception of all CBM message identifiers on SIM card
USSD handling now copes with with network timeouts and other USSD errors
Data counters now show up to three decimal digits - requested by SecretCode
* (2008/01/22): Fix problems with SIM PIN handling
Add 'Reset Card' function
Add 'Redetect Card' function
Confirm resetting of total
* (2008/01/08): Change device detection method
Basic support for Option GlobeTrotter 3.6 Max, 3G+/Nozomi and Fusion cards
Change serial port timing for 3G+/Nozomi and possibly RS-232 based cards
Handle "3G Preferred" mode as set by VMC
Workaround Huawei cards' "data-doubling" bug
* (2007/10/09): Keep attempting to detect data card if not present
Allow user to retry on initialization error
If card needs to reset, wait and then attempt to detect card
Status bar
Send multiple USSD commands separated by commas
* (2007/08/23): Clear operator name if operator code is 0
USSD response length changed to 182 bytes
USSD session times out after 20 seconds
USSD commands must start with '*' when not in a session
USSD commands starting with '*' must end with '#'
Cancel the session first if sending a command starting with '*' during a session
* (2007/08/06): Wait for slow SIM cards after entering PIN
If card returns "FFFFFF..."for SIM provider, display "Not Available"
If not registered on network, clear the operator name
If there is no signal, clear the mode
* (2007/08/04): Ignore unsupported AT^CURC=1 command (E220 firmware
Clear USSD response when sending new USSD request
* (2007/07/03: Removed beta expiry date
If SIM does not return operator name correctly, determine operator name from operator code
Removed redundant information from display (long-form operator name, operator code and RSSI percentage)
Do not query operator information if registration occurs during initialization
* (2007/06/01): Bumped expiry date to 2007/07/01
Handle SIM not present and SIM locked conditions
Possibly enable data counters for E220 firmware
* (2007/05/01): Bumped expiry date to 2007/06/01
Made some corrections to USSD Help
Improved connection of dropped connections
Improved filtering of invalid data speeds and counters
All sent and received data are logged as debug messages
* (2007/03/31): Bumped expiry date to 2007/04/30
USSD Help dialog box is now modeless
Improved detection of dropped connections - data counters more accurate
Reset data counters if 'residual values' are found - data counters more accurate (see link for an explanation)
Sanity check for transmit and receive speeds
Reset card if found to be in Diagnostics Monitor mode - used by E220 Huawei/Vodafone Mobile Connect software
Reset card if transmit and receive RF circuits are disabled
Do not send ATE1 if card not successfully initialized
* (2007/02/22): Bumped expiry date to 2007/03/31
Ignore unsupported AT^BOOT command (E220 firmware
Fix display of connection types (E220 firmware
Send AT+CFUN=1 if AT+CFUN? returns AT+CFUN: 0
Merge E620 and E220 AT^SYSINFO parse routines
Added USSD Help dialog box
* (2007/01/31): Bumped expiry date to 2007/02/28
Data counters are saved if Windows is shut down or user logs off (and KeepRasConnections registry setting is not set)
Added error messages to each step of initialization - please report these!
Added some debug messages - run DebugView in the background to see them
* ATE0 command moved back where it originally was
* (2007/01/10): Fixed saving of data counters when exiting while online
Preliminary support for E220
* (2007/12/31): Bumped expiry date to 2007/01/31
ATE0 command is now the first step of initialization - hopefully this prevents some card initialization errors
Added a method to detect when connection is dropped, in doing so changed when session data counters are reset
Application exit is now only confirmed when online
Starting another copy of the application restores and sends the first copy's window to the foreground
Changed number bar graph colours to four, as follows:
red: -95dBm or lower
gold: -85dBm to -95dBm
green: -75dBm to -85dBm
blue: above -75dBm
* (See link for an explanation) (2006/12/01): Bumped expiry date to 2006/12/31
* Set APN button is now greyed out after APN is set.
USSD responses are cleaned up.
* Changed the way program exits.
* About is now the default button.
The default button is changed when the connection type or the APN is changed, or a USSD command is entered.
After it has been clicked, the default is again set to About.
If you are offline and you click the Exit button, you are asked if you are sure you want to exit.
If you are online and you click the Exit button, you are asked if you want to disconnect or just exit the program.
* Previous Total added to data counters.
* Changed dates from GMT to local time.

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